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Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Sticky Baits: Tried and Tested

As a recent addition to our brands, WAC staff member Harry (Izaak) has tried and tested some of the Sticky Baits products which are proving popular with carp anglers.

After seeing some of the anglers amazing catch reports using Sticky Baits products I knew I had to give them ago! I was limited for time and only had 4 hours to bank a fish! So I needed some top quality bait to make this happen. I was armed with both the Sticky Baits Krill and Manilla 16mm Shelf Life bags of baits, I decided to fish tight to some pads in the shallow water with the sun being high in the sky. I baited up with a generous offering off the krill and manilla boilies. It didn’t take long to see a feeding response with an amazing amount of fizzing over my baited area. The chosen hook baits were the Sticky Baits Krill Wafters as the lake is very silty. To cut a long story short I landed 5 fish to 18lb! The fish in this lake really have seen it all but they seemed more than happy to devour this bait from the off! Every time I topped up the swim with bait it seemed to provoke a reaction! Grab a bag and give it a go! Total confidence in a bag.

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