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Thursday, 3 August 2017

New Fiiish Lures and Savage Gear Line Thru: Tried and Tested

Fiiish lures have a reputation for being some of the best on the market and have proven extremely popular with shore and boat anglers alike. With the introduction of the brand new Black Minnow 'Barracuda Tour' and Crazy Sandeel, we thought we'd put these to the test against the new Savage Gear Line Thru, courtesy of the boys behind the 'Chesil Beach Fishing' Facebook page.

New Fiiish Barracuda lures and Savage Line Thru
New Fiiish Barracuda lures and Savage Line Thru
 Fiiish Black Minnow and Crazy Sandeel Barracuda Tour 2017 Limited Edition
Fiiish Black Minnow and Crazy Sandeel Barracuda Tour 2017 Limited Edition
Savage Gear Line Thru
Savage Gear Line Thru
Success with the Fiiish Black Minnow Barracuda
Success with the Fiiish Black Minnow Barracuda

We asked Demetri, of the popular Chesil Beach Fishing Facebook page, to put some of our new lures through their paces during a session on Chesil and give us some feedback on how they performed. Whilst the weather was not in our favour, he managed to give them a test with some good results.

Fiiish Black Minnow 120 Combo Off Shore - Limited Edition 2017 Barracuda Tour                         

This new lure from Fiiish comes with two soft plastic lure bodies, one rigged with a 25g Jig head and a Fiiish Krog 120 hook. This 120 Combo Off Shore comes 'ready rigged' so all you need to do is attach it to your line and catch fish! The perfect package for shore or boat fishing, this lure has proven deadly for all predatory game including Bass. Here is what Demetri had to say.......

"First up was the 'Fiiish Black Minnow 25g Barracuda Tour 2017 Limited Edition'. This lure, like most of the minnows, works very very well. The paddle effect these create really turn the bass on. They are also weedless so very rarely do you loose one when your trying to fish close to the bottom in the rocks and kelp."

Fiiish Crazy Sandeel Combo - Limited Edition 2017 Barracuda Tour                    

Lots of research was undertaken by Fiiish in France to develop the unique action of the Crazy Sandeel, which mimics the swimming action of a live sandeel. The Crazy Sandeel Offshore head is the most versatile in the Crazy Sandeel jighead range. It can be fished either in a simple cast-retrieve style, sink and draw or simply vertically. The body is infused with a proven formula and the larger sizes incorporate a rattle to imitate the clatter of small baitfish and allow predators to detect the lure. Demetri tried these out too......

"The next lure was the 'Fiiish Crazy Sandeel' in 15g again a new limited edition for 2017, these cast really well and look fantastic in the water, I did try with them for a little while but couldn't get a hook up, had a few snatches but came to nothing, hopefully I can get out around Portland with this over the next few days, I'm sure the pollack will love them!"

Savage Salt by Savage Gear Line Thru Sandeel

Savage Gear have carefully studied the swimming action and behaviour of the sandeel making the Line Thru Sandeel, swims with a seducing and slim S-curve, head slightly up. On the spin stop, the lure flutters and rolls backwards – like a sandeel fleeing and trying to dig itself into the sand. On the twitch, the lure will dart erratically and flash in an incredibly lifelike fashion! The body is made of super strong ABS and has incredible details!.The unique inside spear ensures very long casting distances – even in windy conditions. Lastly Demetri gave these a go.....

"Finally, I had the new 'Savage Salt Line thru Sandeel' with a real 3D scan, weighing 19g and looking incredibly life like these cast like a dream, now I'm no experienced lure fisherman but I've done a bit over the last few years with plenty of success, I need to work on the best way of working this particular lure, I managed a schoolie on it but I'm certain it has potential for a much better catch rate than what I could do! So over all today started shockingly bad but ended on a high with a few schoolies on the new lures."

Many thanks to Demetri and Chesil Beach Fishing for giving these all a try, if you don't already following Chesil Beach Fishing please checkout and like his Facebook page, it is full of great local information.

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