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Postcode: DT4 9XE
Parking: Pay and display

Chesil Visitor Centre


The Chesil Visitor Centre is a mark on Chesil which you can cross over the fleet to get to the beach. Once crossed there are many marks along Chesil which you can fish.These marks include, The Royal Adelaide, The Landing Craft, and The Bridging Camp. Shoals of Mackerel are present in the summer, which many anglers target using Feathers. Using Worm baits Tipped with Squid is a popular tactic and will see you catch, Plaice, Dog fish, Bream, Gurnards, Trigger fish, Bass, Whiting, and Cod. Using bigger baits such as Mackerel head and guts fished close in can produce big Bass, Rays, and Smoothhounds. Chesil is a venue where you never know what you will catch. Please take all rubbish and plastic packaging on with you as plastic pollution is a real problem with our seas, and it is affecting the marine life that inhabits it.



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