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Home Local fishing Sea Fishing Marks Charmouth

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Postcode: DT6 6LL
Parking: Pay and display



Although there is some shingle, Charmouth beach consists largely of sand flanked by rocks and tidal pools. This shoreline becomes very crowded at weekends in the holiday season, but it is possible to find reasonably quiet fishing by walking some distance either side of the car park.

West Beach: It is important to check this mark out at low water as it consists of sandy ground flanked by rocks. Pouting and conger can be expected, some eels running to over 30 pounds in the Autumn.

Groyne Beach: This spot is impossible to fish on a crowded day in summer. After sundown, when things pick up, sport does improve with bass, dogfish and ray, generally coming to baits cast at range.

East of Charmouth Beach there are several good bass fishing areas with double figure specimens taken each year. However, there is a risk of rock falls from the cliffs here and care must be taken not to fish too close to the cliffs themselves.


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