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Home All products Yamashita EGI-OH Q Live Search 3.5 20.5g R08

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Yamashita EGI-OH Q Live Search 3.5 20.5g R08

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Key features
  • Genuine Japanese designed lures
  • Size #3.5
  • Weight 20.5gm, full length 14cm
  • Famous 'warm jacket'
  • Rattle sound call in the squid
  • 490 glow stickers 
  • Super sharp double crown hooks
  • Colour R08

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Yamashita EGI-OH Q Live Search 3.5 20.5g Colour R08, with rattle, 'warm jacket' and 490 glow stickers.

The Yamashita LIVE SEARCH squid jigs feature a number of unique features but what sets this jig apart is the 600 hz rattle inside the body. Yamashita have discovered after much research with a leading Japanese University that squid can pick up sounds between 400hz and 1400hz with 600hz being the optimum level for squid to be most interested. To achieve the 600hz Yamashita needed to change the plastic body material to a bone plastic material and use stainless steel bearings (not glass or plastic). This combination results in a high pitch rattle that no other jig on the market can replicate.



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