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Home All products Yamashita EGI-O Q Live Search 2.5 10.5g B06

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Yamashita EGI-O Q Live Search 2.5 10.5g B06

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Key features
  • Genuine Japanese designed lures
  • Size #2.5
  • Weight 10.5gm, full length 10cm
  • Small size ideal early season or for small squids
  • Famous 'warm jacket'
  • Super sharp double crown hooks
  • Colour B06

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Yamashita EGI-O Q Live Search Basic Colour B06, with 'warm jacket' 10cm in length.

The main feature of the EGI-O  Q Live is the special  'warm jacket' outer coating which keeps the jig between 0.5C to 1C warmer than the surrounding sea water. The squid and cuttlefish use this heat to detect their prey and it helps them to home in onto your lure, hence why Q Live will often catch when other lures fail.

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