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Tubertini Gorilla Boat 500 3m

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Key features
  • 3m length
  • FUJI guides
  • N.I.C.I for a curve under perfect load
  • 1 tip
  • No bag 

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Tubertini Gorilla Boat 500 3m is now part of the Clearance range.

The Gorilla Boats, are three-piece boat liners made of high-tenacity carbon that gives them great endurance qualities. The accentuated conicity of the base, besides admitting the lodging of the top during the transport, determines an unparalleled balancing and power; the peak sensitivity is guaranteed by the two multicolor induction peaks. All the barrels in the series are equipped with N.I.C.I. for a curve under perfect load and fitted with FUJI rings.

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