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Tubertini Fantasm

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Key features
  • Soft for making lines and rigs
  • Virtually invisible to fish
  • High knot strength
  • Abrasion resistance guaranteed
  • Performs excellent in freshwater and saltwater

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Tubertini Fantasm is soft for making lines and rigs.

Kept here at the industrial level by the Japanese, Tubertini Fantasm is used for the construction of fishing nets professionally so-called invisible. This award comes from the fact that the product has a rate of refraction very close to that of water. To improve the features and be kept here for fishing, the filament is subjected to prolonged mechanical stretch.

Established in 1978 by Gabriele Tubertini, the company original objective was to satisfy the demanding requirements of the Italian competitive angler, or the Matchman, particularly the fresh water (coarse) angler. Already established as a brand leader for 'sport fishing' during the last 10 years Tubertini has expanded its range of products for competitive fishing: Sea-Fishing, Lure Fishing, Specimen Carp Fishing, Trout Fishing and Surf Casting.

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