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Tsunami Sandeels Cheese and Tomato 125mm

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Key features
  • Vinyl construction
  • Black nickel hooks
  • Holographic action and 3D eyes
  • Natural swimming action
  • Weighted design

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A successful day of fishing starts with quality tackle, with durable heavy duty construction. Tsunami wont let you down!

What makes the Tsunami Sandeels really stand out is the fact that they will consistently get hits once they reach the required depth. There is hardly any downtime fishing with these lures, making them perfect for anglers who don’t have all day to get their catch. They weigh around 23g and measure 125mm in length. For their size, they are incredibly robust due to their super tough vinyl construction and will hold up for multiple casts against the biggest of Stripers and the slickest of Salt-Mouths.


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