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Tsunami Sabiki Iridescent Glow Head Red Hook

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Key features
  • Ideal for catching bait fish
  • Tied on premium grade monofilament
  • Chemically sharpened red hooks
  • Iriddescent

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A successful day of fishing starts with quality tackle, with durable heavy duty construction. Tsunami wont let you down!

Tsunami Sabiki Rigs can be used as is for catching any number of bait fish species. If an angler is targeting the largest, meanest game fish in the sea, the Tsunami Sabiki Rigs can be rigged with bait as well. The rigs are tied on premium grade monofilament line. These leaders are almost invisible to the naked eye, making them ideal for fishing easily spooked fish. The chemically sharpened hooks will sink into the mouth of a target with ease, not giving an inch either way.


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