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Sticky Baits Manilla Yellow Ones 16mm

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Key features
  • Bespoke 'mustard' tone
  • Super buoyant
  • Ideal for the ultra-popular chod rig and will hold a big hook up indefinitely
  • 100g

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Sticky Baits Manilla Yellow Ones 16mm are something a bit different than other hookbaits on the market.

The Manilla Yellow Ones are produced in a bespoke ‘mustard' tone that is designed to be different to all other hookbaits already available on the market today. This will not only grab the carp’s attention, but also help to make your bait stand out from the norm and flick the switch on their inquisitive nature. These super-buoyant pop-ups offer a great visual edge when bites are hard to come by on their traditional food bait counterpart. Along with the colour, these little beauties also feature boosted attractor levels to really make them stand out and steal you those extra pick-ups. You only have to open a tub and take a sniff to see what we mean!

Over the years Sticky Baits have amassed quite a following, including some of the biggest household names in carp fishing. Sticky Baits have raised the game in quality bait productions.

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