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Sticky Baits Manilla Pellets 4mm 2.5kg

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Key features
  • Double coated
  • 4mm
  • large 2.5kg bag
  • Great for use in PVA bags, groundbaits or spod baits

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Sticky Baits Manilla Pellets 4mm 2.5kg

Sticky Baits has the well being of your target fish at the very heart of the company. It knows that your primary focus is on your quarry, and so it aims to align these two drives to create a bait that is not only perfectly tailored to the dietary requirements of the carp but also is so enticing that the fish cannot resist.

The Sticky Baits Manilla Pellets are constructed similarly to the successful  Bloodworm Pellets with a two-stage coating process where the method feeder pellets are continually loaded with layers of powdered and liquid attractors. The outer coating of the Manilla Pellets contains our exclusive peanut protein, as well as high levels of soluble milk that leave a dense cloud of attraction that hugs the lake bed.

The liquid element of the coating is also applied to the manilla boilies of the range. This liquid attractant is packed with tons of natural salts and sugars as well as Madagascan vanilla extract that will certainly grab any hungry carps attention for it, sweetness!

These pellets are great for use in PVA bags, groundbait or spod mixes and can also be chopped up and balled up with the addition of a liquid, which makes them ideal for moulding around the hook. These are 4mm in large 2.5kg bags. 

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