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Sticky Baits Manilla Dumbells

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Key features
  • Natural flavours
  • Dumbell shaped
  • Extra soluble coating
  • 16mm
  • 130g

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Sticky Baits Manilla Dumbells a superb choice of hookbaits.

Manilla Dumbells are designed to replicate our Manilla Boilies. Made using the same base-mix, only with added soluble attractors. These dumbell-shaped, sinking hook baits also come with an extra soluble coating to maximise their leakage and attraction. They are a superb choice for stalking and short sessions as the fast acting coating maximises the instant attraction of these hook baits.

Over the years Sticky Baits have amassed quite a following, including some of the biggest household names in carp fishing. Sticky Baits have raised the game in quality bait productions. 

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