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Snowbee Deep Blue3 Two-Speed

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Key features
1 x Snowbee Deep Blue3 10 two speed / narrow spool / S10528
  • Gear ratio 5.3:1 & 2.6:1
  • Reel weight 450g/15.9oz
  • Line capacity 0.15/400 & 0.20/225
  • Line capacity 23/435 & 27/245
  • Max Drag 8 kgs/17.6lbs
1 x Snowbee Deep Blue3 12 two speed / standard spool / S10529
  • Gear ratio 5.3:1 & 2.6:1
  • Reel weight 460g/16.2oz
  • Line capacity 0.20/300 & 0.28/160
  • Line capacity 27/325 & 37/175
  • Max Drag 10 kgs/22lbs
£289.99 - £299.99

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Snowbee Deep Blue3 10 Two-Speed, as part of the clearance range.

All the stainless steel, ball-race bearings are shielded, for additional protection and manufactured by NMB in the USA - one of the world’s top manufacturers, for ultra-smooth running and long life. The single speed model uses 8 bearings and the 2-speed model, no less than 10. The main gears and Pinion gears, are also stainless steel and provide high gear ratios for faster retrieve. A ‘no-load’ free-spool system allows faster line-out, whilst a single dog anti-reverse system provides care-free reliability, allowing you to concentrate on the fishing
A lever drag control operates the carbon fibre and stainless steel multi-disc drag system for a smooth, controlled drag, with no start-up inertia, to help avoid smash-takes. Maximum drag on all models, is in excess of 10kg. Fitted with a new ergonomic machined aluminium handle, with rubber O-rings, for grip. This unique new design, is the most comfortable handle we’ve come across and runs on a stainless steel ball-race bearing, for smooth operation.All internal components are corrosion resistant for long, trouble free use. The reel comes complete with a Rod Clamp, tools and reel lubricant, plus a neoprene reel case
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