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Silstar Barbless Xtra Strong Hooks to Nylon

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Key features
  • Mechanically Xtra strong hook
  • Wide gape and chemically sharpened hook point
  • Capable of landing big fish
  • Coupled with Silstar Match Team line

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The Silstar brand has always stood for quality, reliability, function, contemporary design, innovation and above all value for money. Never has this been more apparent than in their recent assortment of lines, which importantly all meet the fishermen wishes.

The shape of the Silstar K67S produces a mechanically Xtra strong hook whilst maintaining finesse for presentation and high ratio hooking. With a wide gape and chemically sharpened swept point it is ideal for a wide range of baits and capable of landing big fish. These superior hooks have been coupled with suitable strains of the ultra reliable Silstar Match Team line.

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