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Sidewinder The Cod Squad Sandeels

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Key features
  • Soft latex body
  • Deep paddle tails create superb body action and vibration in water
  • Built in internal weights
  • Fitted with Mustad 32786bn hooks
  • 4″ fitted with a 2/0 hook - 10g - supplied in packs of 4
  • 6″ fitted with a 5/0 hook - 25g - supplied in packs of 3

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Sidewinder has established itself as one of the UK's favourite lure brands, favoured by competition and leisure anglers alike. We have worked closely with the sea fishing community to developed a range of award winning lures that are built to the highest standards, using the latest materials and practice. Over the years, our lures have made their way into thousands of tackle boxes and proved time and time again that they are irresistible to predatory fish species. They really are 'BETTER THAN BAIT !'

If your hunting big Cod or Pollack then you have just chosen the best working colours for these deep wreck fish! Our Hot Pink, Rhubarb/Custard and Flo Orange 6” and 4" Sandeels are the first choice for the best commercial line anglers after these species. Fish like a Pro!

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