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Shimano STC Spin Travel Rod

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Key features
  • Spinning Travel Rods
  • Split Cork Grip
  • XT60 + X5 Nano Blank Material
  • Shimano DPS Reel Seat
  • Seaguide Single Leg Guides
£105.99 - £125.99

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Shimano STC Spin Travel Rod

With lure fishing, dropshotting, spinner fishing and vertical fishing all seeing a resurgence across the angling world, and tactics once considered very much ‘urban banks’ becoming a mainstream enjoyment for anglers looking for something a little more active than float fishing, many anglers, whether they have a background in the predator discipline that produced lure fishing or not, are looking for an effective, reliable lure work rod they can take on holiday, and get to grips with in a relaxed, unpressured setting.

Available at a variety of lengths and casting weights, with a transport size that's never more than a con the Shimano STC Multi-Length Spinning Rods offer travel rod functionality with the robust, lifestyle ready durability of XT60 carbon and XT5 nano carbon fibre running through the blanks, and single leg seaguide line guides that are set up to handle the demands of braided line.

A DPS reel seat moves with your rod, keeping you in touch with the subsurface action, and ensuring that your lure is always perfectly placed for maximum performance and attraction, whatever species you’re fishing for, wherever you are, and whatever the conditions are like on the day.  A split cork handle gives a firm grip and a light, easy feel, allowing you to move any size and design of lure exactly the way you want to, with an intuitive responsiveness to water conditions, and signs of cruising fish.

Calling for active engagement on the part of the angler, lure fishing is all about quick movements and light tackle, which make it an enjoyable tactic, and great for anglers who are short on patience!

Whether you're spinning a lure through a canal for hungry pike, or floating bread for mullet, these rods perform beyond expectations, giving you a great introduction to an active, involved angling technique you'll enjoy for years to come, and that offers a great way to make the most of shorter sessions.

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