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Shakespeare Omni Kayak 5ft

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Key features
  • 2 piece Kayak or boat rod
  • Rod class 8-16lg
  • Slim and comfortable handle
  • Perfect for fishing in minimal space

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Shakespeare Omni Kayak 5ft, perfect for a kayak or boat.

Shakespeare Omni Kayak Rod is perfect for anglers who are out boat fishing or out on a kayak. Thanks to its short 5ft3 length, the Omni rod makes handling super easy in the minimal space that comes with boat fishing. This means if you are pulling in the rod to meet a landing net that you will not have awkward handling.

The shortness in length not only makes the rod easy to handle when out and about on the waters but it also provides great bite detection. Bite indication is also aided with the red and white striped pattern also the guides of the rod.

For ease of storage and transportation, the Kayak Rod comes in two pieces. There fit together strongly for when pushing action on the rod but when separates are equal in size and couples with its slim status is an easy rod to store in your collection. Ideal for flicking out lures from a kayak, the rod sports aluminium oxide lined guides that offer excellent strength and reliability when paired with a screw-down reel seat. The rod class is rated 8-16lb and offers incredible performance.

The slim, comfortable handle is made from Hypalon which is a type of PVC fabric that is extremely resistant to water and chemicals. This means the rod is both durable and comfortable.

If that was not enough, the rod has attractive graphics with a fresh and contrasting white and red colour combination and black and silver materials.

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