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Home All products Shakespeare Agility Dropshot 7ft 3-20g

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Shakespeare Agility Dropshot 7ft 3-20g

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Key features
  • 2 Sections
  • • EVA Handle
  • • Satin Matt blank finish
  • • Zirconium Oxide Lined Guides - Braid friendly

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Shakespeare Agility Dropshot 7ft rod 3-20g, designed for lure fishing tactics.

Drop Shotting is rapidly rising in popularity in the UK, and if you've never tried it now is your chance! Specifically designed for this finesse lure fishing tactic the white tip on our new drop shot rod is a handy feature,, helping you detect bites in low light levels.

Drop shot fishing is also becoming popular in saltwater and this rod will also be used by sea anglers targeting bass from boats using the drop shot technique.

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