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Home All products Shakespeare Agility 2 Travel Beach EXP 11ft 6" 4-8oz

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Shakespeare Agility 2 Travel Beach EXP 11ft 6" 4-8oz

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Key features
  • Length 11’6
  • Casting weight 4-8oz
  • Designed for use with Multiplier Spool
  • High carbon blank
  • Comes in 5 pieces

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Shakespeare Agility 2 Travel Beach EXP 11ft 6" 4-8oz, exceptional multi piece travel rod.

These travel rods will prove very popular for the modern sea fisherman. The strength of these multi piece rods is exceptional and the action has not been adversely effected by the addition of the extra spigots. The reduced transport length of the rods will help the travelling angler but also allow them to be safely hidden in the boot of the car.

Since 1897, Shakespeare has been the leader in quality, affordable fishing tackle. Our inspiration comes from 115 years of passion and experience. Shakespeare offers something for the whole family and all levels of experience. Our objective is simple: Make fishing easy and enjoyable.

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