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Sebile Onduspoon Slow Sinking

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Key features
  • 120mm > 44.5g
  • Action: Slow Sinking
  • Swimming Depth: 6" to 12ft
  • Equipped with Pat's Ring to allow for quick and easy 
£6.99 - £7.99

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Sebile Onduspoon Slow Sinking, hard bait metal lure.

he Onduspoon is a hard plastic, noisy chattering spoon cleverly designed not to twist your line even when you burn it back or troll it. That’s right — the Onduspoon’s exceptional internal balance makes it immune to line twist.

Sebile Onduspoon is heavy, so you can cast it as far as a lure can go. But don’t let its heavy, thick body fool you. The hard plastic body is hollow inside so when it hits the water, the Onduspoon’s horizontal descent is enticingly slow to make it linger in the strike zone longer. Simply let it sink until it reaches your target level. Then start reeling and the lure will remain at that depth during the retrieve.

Sebile Onduspoon contains a unique sequence of rattle chambers inside. A precise ratio of beads inside each chamber contribute to the balance and action. They also provide nonstop fish attracting noise and vibration. This lure is as noisy as any you have ever heard.

For balance, the Onduspoon includes a fixed weight in its forward section. This enables the angler to impart some interesting actions. You can work the highly-responsive Onduspoon like a jerkbait, you can walk the dog with it, twitch it, skitter it on the surface and do many things that few if any other spoon can do.

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