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Savage Gear Weedless Corkscrew Hooks

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Key features
  • Special soft bait plain hooks
  • Designed to be used with the Gravity Stick lures
  • Can also be used with other soft baits
  • Perfect medium gape
  • Forged Carbon steel hooks
  • Large eye for easy fitment to lure clips
  • Built in stainless steel centerpin corkscrew
  • Ultra-sharp needle point
  • Micro barb
  • Available as standard (pictured) or belly weighted
  • 6 hooks per pack (Belly weighted 4 hooks)
£4.99 - £5.99

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Savage Gear Weedless Corkscrew Hooks, designed to give perfect presentation with the Gravity Stick soft baits.

These hooks are designed to give perfect presentation with the Gravity Stick soft baits. The hook is made from forged carbon steel to give strength and the ultra-sharp point and micro barb give good hook ups. The medium gape helps to hold the lure in position but allow it to push clear of the point when a fish takes. The 'corkscrew' centre pin allows you to mount the bait perfectly and holds it firmly even after repeated hard casts. The hook eye is made slightly larger to allow it to be easily clipped on and off of a lure clip aiding quick lure changes.

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