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Savage Gear Sandeel V2 Tails 9.5cm 7g

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Key features
  • NEW product from Savage Gear
  • Super realistic details
  • Lily kicking action on retrieve and drop
  • Removable glass rattle in body
  • Pro peg holder for secure hold
  • Toothpicks supplied for pro peg mount

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Savage Gear Sandeel V2 Tails 9.5cm 7g, spare bodies for the V2 Sandeels.

Keep stocked up on tails for our super realistic sandeel imitation, with a lively kicking action both on the drop and retrieve. 
The Pro Peg body holder makes it possible to peg the body to the head with a toothpick, creating a very simple and secure hold. The soft PVC body comes pre-rigged with an internal glass rattle that gives off a provoking sound to any nearby hunting fish.


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