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Samson Fishing long cast 12ft Rod 30-100g

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Key features

Length  -   12ft

Action  -   Fast Action

Casting Weight - 30g - 100g

Weight -  320g  

Deadlift - Standard -7  kilos   XH - 11 Kilos

Guide System – SIC Longcast Micro Guide System

Grip  -  70cm Eva Handle

Light Weight Powerful Rod

Long Reach Ideal For Fighting Fish From Shore

Designed To Cast Long Distances

Ideal For Controlling Lures And Fish Around Rocks

Capable Of Lifting Fish Out In Rough Conditions 

Rod Tip Suitable For Working Lures

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long cast 30-100g

The Samson Long Cast Todos 12ft Spinning Rod has been designed to target bass and many other species from the shore.

The long cast has been thoroughly tested on a variety of fish and has proven more than capable of dealing with large Corvina in South Africa, 40lb Tuna from the shores of Australia, 50lb Roosterfish and a range of snappers, Jacks, and large Snook in Central America.

With a fast action and a fairly stiff tip this rod is the ideal tool for working Samson lures and other lures from rocky ledges and beaches.

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