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Rovex Landing Net With Float Aid 14"

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Key features
  • Fish friendly mixed mesh
  • Maximum protection to your cat in your net
  • Strong and robust frame
  • Integrated buoyancy aid
  • Sizes for match, coarse and pleasure fishing

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Rovex fishing tackle was developed by Australian tackle company Jarvis Walker. One day in 2003 we noticed just how much fishing expertise has been walking the halls of Jarvis Walker since 1946, so we decided to put this to good use in a separate range of tackle under Rovex, for graduating anglers who need high-performance tackle for more demanding fishing situations. All tested to its limits in harsh Australian environments and against the world’s toughest sportfish. Proven for anglers now in more than 20 countries. For when it’s time to get serious.

The Rovex Landing Net with Float Aid has a fine mixed mesh which is incredibly kind to the fish. This fish-friendly material gives anglers their best bet for catching fish without hurting them. With frames that are sturdy and reliable, the Rovex Landing Net with Float Aid never backs down from a challenge.

The integrated float aid added to the spreader block gives the Rovex Landing Net with Float Aid extra buoyancy on the water. Anglers will love the fact that they can put the handle into the water without the risk of losing the landing net itself. The integrated buoyancy aid of the Rovex Landing Nets with Float Aid just make its manoeuvring all the more easier, even allowing for one-handed control

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