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Red Gill Cod and Pollock Selection Pack 178mm

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Key features
  • Legendary Red Gill tail action
  • Internal weight keeps hook point upwards to reduce snagging
  • Super sharp hook
  • Can be used from boat or shore
  • Mixed colour packs selected for the target species

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Red Gill is a family-run business that prides quality and service above all else, because we know that these are the things that matter most to you. Red Gill is the original and ultimate Sand eel imitation lure. 

Made using a special tough plastic compound that gives the lure its unique fish catching action .Also prevents the lure from falling apart after only a couple of catches, prolonging the lures life. The extra strong and super sharp internally weighted hook increases the lures fish catching action and allows the lure to be worked closer to the sea bed with less chance of snagging up.

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