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Penn Battle II

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Key features
  • Over sized solid bail arm
  • Heavy-duty aluminium bail wire
  • HT-100™ sealed drag system
  • 5 sealed stainless steel ball bearings plus instant anti-reverse bearing
  • E-coating corrosion resistance design
£72.99 - £110.99

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Penn Battle II fishing reel is engineered to cast further with higher drag pressure.

With the same full metal body and drag system you trust, the Battle II has been engineered to cast further, achieve higher drag pressure and resist corrosion better than ever before. By keying our proprietary HT-100™ Versa drag washers into the spool means you can use both sides of each drag washer giving the Battle II higher max drags, more range and smoother start ups than the competition.

Founded in 1932 the Penn Fishing Tackle Company are known for ground breaking reel design and production.

BATTLE II 1000 255yds/0.14mm 22"/559mm 9lb/4kg 5.2:1 5+1
BATTLE II 2000 220yds/0.20mm 30"/762mm 10lb/4.5kg 6.2:1 5+1
BATTLE II 2500 235yds/0.23mm 33"/838mm 12lb/5.4kg 6.2:1 5+1
BATTLE II 3000 180yds/0.28mm 35"/889mm 15lb/6.8kg 6.2:1 5+1
BATTLE II 4000 245yds/0.28mm 37"/940mm 15lb/6.8kg 6.2:1 5+1
BATTLE II 5000 220yds/0.20mm 36"/914mm 25lb/11.3kg 5.6:1 5+1
BATTLE II 6000 305yds/0.38mm 41"/1041mm 25lb/11.3kg 5.6:1 5+1
BATTLE II 8000 310yds/0.46mm 44"/1118mm 30lb/13.6kg 5.3:1 5+1





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