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Mainline Hi-Visual Pop-Ups Washed Out Chocolate Orange Fizz

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Key features
  • 'Washed out' colour
  • Double strength flavour boost
  • Long term attractor leakage
  • Suitably for all fishing situations
  • Available in 250ml (approx. 60  per tub)
£7.45 - £7.75

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Mainline Hi-Visual Pop-Ups Washed Out Chocolate Orange Fizz double strength with long term attractor leakage.

Our Hi-Visual range of super-buoyant 15mm pop-ups, are available in seven different colours, and flavours - but the possibilities to utilise these qualities are quite simply endless…

Perhaps the pinnacle of high-attract baits Mainline’s Hi-Visual Pop-Ups have been each been designed with reliability in mind: buoyant, bright colours, reliable flavour leakage and perhaps most importantly a reliable palatability that no carp can resist!

Our experience and range of palatable liquid flavours, enhancers and attractors have enabled us to give these pop-ups a ‘double strength’ flavour boost. Not only does this make these superb pop-ups suitably for all fishing situations the whole year through – it also makes these baits a fantastic option for winter fishing and high-attract single hookbait tactics.

Talk carp bait and before long the name Mainline Baits will be mentioned. This is because since Mainline Baits was founded it has been synonymous with the highest quality carp baits possible, and the capture of carp from all over the world. Mainline's concept of offering the angler a fantastic bait whilst at the same time offering the carp a valuable food source ensures that all our baits stand the test of time when used on any water, so much so in fact that repeat captures on the same bait are normal as the carp just can't get enough; summer or winter makes little difference.

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