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Korda Marker Kit

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Key features
  • Dedicated marker kit
  • Includes marker float, stem, probe lead, arma kord and shok bead
  • Suitable for long range plumbing 
  • Tangle free

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A dedicated pack that contains all the components required to assemble an advanced float set up which is suitable for tangle free, long range plumbing.

Equipped with a SLR float, a Shok bead, a Stem and Probe Lead. The SLR float is made of the highest quality balsa wood to ensure that it pops up even at extreme ranges. Its thin diameter and uniquely shaped flight makes it very stable when casting in windy conditions. The plastic base cap increases durability when coming into contact with gravel bars and weed beds. The stem is perfect for fishing in weedy conditions when popping up a float would otherwise be a struggle. The ceramic ring allows the mainline to run through with very little resistance, whilst the bearing swivel ensures that the mainline doesn’t twist on the retrieve. The lead has a unique shape that will transmit more feeling from the lakebed to the rod tip, enabling you to accurately map out your swim and identify likely feeding spots.

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