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Korda Klor Barbless Hooks

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Key features
  • Ideal for approaching difficult venues
  • Used on a wide range of presentations such as bottom bait, wafters or pop up
  • Latest addition to the range of Korda hooks
  • Barbless

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Korda Klor Barbless Hooks

Designed by Carp fishing legend Danny Fairbrass and made by one of the finest Japanese hook manufacturers, the Klor is the latest addition to the massively popular Korda Hook Range and is an evolution of the best selling Kurv shank pattern, with a more aggressive in-turned eye and claw-like hook point which is simply lethal. The in-turned eye combined with the sweeping shank makes these very difficult for the fish to eject, even without a sleeve or kicker!

The Klor hooks are ideal for approaching difficult venues where wary fish have become adept at dealing with other more commonly used hook patterns. They can be used on a wide range of presentations such as bottom baits, wafters or pop ups.

The beaked point is long, ultra sharp and slightly in-turned which ensures the most secure hook holds possible. It also makes it far less likely to be damaged by nuisance species, such as crayfish and small fish, moving it around on the bottom, especially when fishing over gravel.
The wire is a heavy gauge, and this results in a very strong hook which can be used in weedy or snaggy conditions, even when using braid, without fear of it opening out. During testing, Danny landed carp to ov
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