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Korda Goo Moonshine Supreme

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Key features
  • A distilled special batch of Moonshine Goo!
  • Grainy whiskey style flavour
  • Light in colour
  • Supreme so thinner in consistency
  • NEW Korda Goo flavour

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Korda Goo Moonshine Supreme, grainy whisky style flavour!

As part of the 10th Phase of Kiana Goo releases we have “distilled” a very special batch of Goo. ‘Moonshine ’ Supreme has a grainy, whiskey-style flavour ,reminiscent of your favourite tipple from Tennessee, in terms of its look and smell .An old school classic, whiskey flavours have a proven track record for catching carp. Moonshine Supreme Goo contains no alcohol ,but you would be forgiven for thinking that the carefully crafted flavour and smell would be at home in a shot glass!
Moving beyond the light-hearted name, Moonshine uses natural blends of ingredients to make up this unique smell and taste profile ,and will generate quick bites. Light in colour ,and potent in flavour… a quick smell really does hit the back of your throat and takes your breath away, just like a real shot of whiskey. Moonshine Goo Supreme is great for soaking into pop-ups and wafters ,which can be used in any water temperature. PLUS why not try a shot of ‘Moonshine’ in your Solidz PVA bags.


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