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Korda Goo Golden Honey Supreme

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Key features
  • Creamy, buttery, honey flavour
  • Smells sweet
  • Crimson red
  • Works well with tigers and particles
  • Thin consistency Supreme version

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Korda Goo Golden Honey Supreme, NEW from Korda 2022

We are buzzing to introduce Golden Honey Supreme Goo. Its creamy, buttery, honey flavour looks and smells as sweet as it tastes. Golden in name but not in colour this crimson red Goo can be used in many ways. Proven to work extremely well on particles, especially soaked tigers, our Team Korda anglers across Europe have “loved it” during testing.

Golden Honey Supreme is an extremely sweet, sticky Goo with that unmistakable potent 
honey scent. It’s not just restricted to use with particles, you can add it to hook baits, ground baits, roll mixers in it or even glaze freebies.

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