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Korda Dark Matter Heli-Safe Leader 30lb 1m

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Key features
  • 1m 30lb/13.6kg
  • Attach to your mainline via a Palomar knot or loop to loop connection
  • Tungsten impregnated collars ensure the leader lays flat to the lakebed 
  • 2 x spare no-trace beads and locking collar included

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Korda Dark Matter Heli-Safe Leader 30lb 1m, the newest addition to the Korda Dark Matter range.

It allows you to use the revolutionary Heli Safe System in conjunction with a Dark Matter leader, providing maximum abrasion resistance with excellent camouflage and sinking properties to hide your end tackle from wary fish.

The helicopter or chod rig is perfect for fishing in weedy or silty conditions, however when fishing in these situations it can sometimes benefit the angler to drop the lead in order to keep hooked fish clear of snags or weedbeds, which is where the Heli Safe really comes into its own. The lead can be ejected from the leader or main line, which makes landing fish a lot easier. What's more, if the angling situation does not require the lead to be dropped, a locking collar can be inserted into the clip which prevents it from opening. The clip can be used with leads with or without the swivel removed, depending on the preference of the angler.

These Dark Matters leaders incorporate the Heli-Safe System and can be fished with any helicopter style set-up, whether that be a conventional hook link or a chod rig. This leader has tungsten collars impregnated into it, to ensure it stays pinned to the bottom. It also incorporates the ChodSafe System which ensures that your hook link can come free of the leader in the event of your main line breaking, and your hook link can be easily attached via a QC Ring Swivel.

The DM Heli-Safe Leader comes in a choice of 1m or 50cm lengths, which gives you enough space to move the top bead well up it, such as when fishing it in deeper silt or weed, so as to ensure your presentation is good when using the longer version. Some venues now have rules restricting the maximum length of your leader and that is where the 50cm version could come into playit is also great when fishing at long range as it will cast further. The other end of this leader has a fused loop, which your main line can either be tied to, or to allow the leader to easily be taken off, the loop-to-loop method is best. The Dark Matter leader material is very abrasion resistant, has a breaking strain of 30lb, and can be matched to whatever type of lake bed you are fishing over, as it comes in a choice of Clear, Weed, or Gravel. Each pack contains one leader.

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