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Home All products Jarvis Walker Razorback Squid Jigs Size 4.0"

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Jarvis Walker Razorback Squid Jigs Size 4.0"

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Key features
  • Lumo belly
  • Back with spikes
  • Shimmering squid jig colours
  • Size 4.0"
  • Arguably the best value squid jig in the country

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Jarvis Walker Razorback Squid Jigs, arguably the best value squid jigs in the country, try them next time you want the freshwater live squid baits, or calamari rings!

Razorback Lumo Belly Squid jigs are irresistible to squid!! Jarvis Walker has done extensive research on the feeding habits of squid in various conditions and locations. As a result, they have proven that squid attack by extending their two tentacles and wrap them around the middle of the fish, not around the head as was once thought. Armed with this information Jarvis Walker experimented with different styles and came up with this jig with a lumo belly which is highly attractive to squid.



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