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Guru Pellet Cones

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Key features
  • 3 sizes per pack
  • Use with the small softened feed pellets or groundbait
  • Ultimate bait presentation
  • Super fine needle supplied
  • Easy to use

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Established in 2009, Guru works with some of the best pro-anglers in order to create a comprehensive tackle range. It aims to produce gear that is not only innovative but also efficient – and provides excellent value for money. As a brand that works with the best, it is determined to produce the best and it simply couldn’t convince pro-anglers, the likes of Steve Ringers, Andy Pell and Dean Macey, to work with it if they weren’t delivering on that goal.

By pushing one of these cones into a bait box full of soft pellets and you can make a nice cluster of bait that can be threaded onto the hook line and cast out. Once on the lakebed, the pellets drop away from the hook link, depositing a mouthful of bait right where you want it, around the hook bait. 

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