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Fladen Vermz Worms Sandworm 8.5cm

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Key features
  • 20 pieces
  • 8.5cm length
  • Colour Sandworm
  • Boosted with amino acids
  • Natural flavoured worms

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Fladen Vermz Worms Sandworms 8.5cm, natural flavoured worms, boosted with amino acids.

Fladen’s VERMZ Sandworm are a pretty impressive worm imitation specifically created to both mimic the look and flavour of natural baits. VERMZ release a scent trail that acts as an attractant  and a trigger for feeding. These are just great fished on a small jighead as an LRF bait for most small species, e.g. Wrasse, Bass, Mullet, Flounder, Pollock and many more. Use them whole or chop down into smaller sections. They can also be used as trailers on spinners and spoons.

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