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Ecogear Rock Claw Rockcrab 2"

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Key features
  • Made from natural sinking material
  • Explosive scent and taste
  • Comes in packs of 8

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Ecogear Rock Claw Rockcrab 2"has great castability.

Made from natural sinking material, its own weight gives it great castability. This means the angler can concentrate on selecting weighting for the best reaction, not casting. Being able to change the fall speed through the water to match the current situation is a great advantage of Ecogears. Set up on a Texas rig or Carolina Rig, around structure or rock bottom the life like body appeals to the target fish. On top of this Ecogears scent and taste works wonders in the water, to bring the new generation of crustacean plastic lures.

Ecogear is a unique range of Japanese hard and soft baits, designed to be pushed to the extreme. The products are tailored for Europe’s species and feature unique Japanese designs that are perfect for bass, wrasse, or any other species.

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