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Daiwa Saltist Braid Special No rod bag included

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Key features
  • Premium carbon blanks using high grade carbon
  • Fuji LDBAG & LCAG Alconite Braid Guides
  • Powerlift Duplon foregrip
  • Lightweight Fuji Gimbal
  • Equal length section assembly

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Daiwa Saltist Braid Special rods are truly special in their appearance and finish, these rods are absolutely dedicated to braid.

Standing out from their ocean blue look is the unmistakable shine of fuji alconitebraid guides. With up to 12 eyes throughout the displaced down force will let even the finest braids travel with complete smoothness. With a line class available down to 6lbs (6 to 12) the element of feel and contact with braid is exhilarating. Also offered are two high ratings of 12-30 and 20-30. Using a now familiar equal section assembly the Saltist delivers an outstanding feel and balance in the hand despite being well above 7' in length. The Powerlift Duplon foregrip combined with the 'winch down' reel seat enhances handling and the lower reel seat location assist with reduced reach when winding.

Since Daiwa was founded in 1958, the Japanese brand Daiwa has been developing products to be the first to meet the ever changing market needs. It should be to no one's surprise that Daiwa has been the first in the world to create many innovative technologies. Daiwa's reel producing technology is considered to be one of the best in the world.

STB0612-AU 7'8" 6-12 Fuji Alconite
STB1220-AU 7'8" 12-20 Fuji Alconite
STB2030-AU 7'6" 20-30 Fuji Alconite



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