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Cox & Rawle Surf & Uptide Extra Hooks SCR22

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Key features
  • Heavier version of the class uptide hook
  • Also well suited to heavy beach fishing
  • Corrosion resistant finish
  • Heavy gauge wire
  • Short Shank
  • Forged Bend
  • Needle point
  • Neat barb
  • Straight eye
  • Well suited to worm and crab baits

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Cox & Rawle Surf & Uptide Extra Hooks SCR22

The Uptide Extra is a modified version of the original uptide hook and features a heavier gauge of wire and slightly shorter shank for added strength. Super sharp with black nickel finish and straight eye. The Uptide Extra is ideal for use with crab and fish baits or when there is a better than average change of encountering specimen sized hounds, cod, bass and rays. The Uptide Extra is also a popular hook with shore anglers when using crab for hounds, bass and cod.


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