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Cox & Rawle Portland Rig Pollack and Bass Drifting

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Key features
  • Hand tied in Wincanton, England
  • Black Nickel Finish on components
  • Includes Cox and Rawle Hooks
  • Ideal for cod, bass, whiting, dabs, rays and most other bottom feeding species

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Cox & Rawle Portland Rig ideal for bass.

Ideal for bass and all manner of species. The long flowing trace works best when drifting, with baits such as sand eel, mackerel and soft plastic baits.

Forty years ago Bob Cox and John Rawle discovered the benefits of casting baits away from the boat and went on to develop Up-Tiding. In recent years you will see famous patterns being improved with micro-barbs, sharper points, different finishes and improved performance. Rigs will be made from the latest high quality materials and tied in England to be better than ever.


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