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Chub Foldable Silicone Kettle

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Key features
  • Silicone body and lid
  • Stainless steel bottom
  • Very small transport size
  • Totally foldable
  • High quality and durable 

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Chub Foldable Silicone Kettle is a compact, cool little portable kettle.

This innovative foldable kettle is the future of portable kettle design. High quality, very durable and made of foldable silicone material.

One of the first major British Carp manufacturing brands, Chub was founded in 1994 after an engineering company in Essex, UK realised there was an opportunity to sell the products they produced to fishing tackle suppliers. The current Chub range is a testament to the team of staff and consultants behind the brand, and their passion for Carp angling. Every product, from rod to rig wallet is thought through and developed by people who spend hundreds of hours on the bank.

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