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Cardoc Tope Trace 27kg 2 metre

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Key features
  • 2 metre 27kg tope trace
  • Nylon covered stainless steel wire
  • With hook and swivel

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Cardoc Tope Trace 27kg 2 metre

Cardoc Tope Traces are ideal for targeting tope and other shark species from the shore or boat, and can also be used to catch conger eels and other large species which have sharp teeth which may cut through normal monofilament fishing line.

The rig consists of a size 9/0 heavy duty hook attached to a 2 metre (6 ft) length of nylon coated stainless steel wire which is 27kg (60lb) breaking strain. Heavy duty crimps secure the hook in place at one end of the line, and the other end terminates in a large size 1/0 barrel swivel.

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