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Booby Bead Rattles

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Key features
  • Beads with built in rattles
  • Adds flash and noise to your rig.
  • Very good for flatties, cod and other curious species (Including halibut ;-) )
  • Available in silver or red and white
  • 12 singles or 6 doubles per pack
  • Made in the UK

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Booby Bead Rattles, beads with built in rattles.

These rattling and flashing attractors really work and will often give you more bites than you would get with just bait alone. Boobies can be used as a double or single rattle and each pack contains the bits needed to make either 12 singles or 6 doubles. Very effective for a wide range of species with flatfish (including Halibut) and cod being particularly fond of boobies. Can be used from both boat and shore.

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