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Bait-Tech Super Cloud Zig Mix

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Key features
  • Easy to mix and feed
  • Active particles Stimulate carp to feed
  • Holds carp in the upper layers
  • Use a spomb to introduce a sloppy mix
  • Re-Useable bucket

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Bait-Tech Super Cloud Zig Mix combines different sized food particles to create a cloud of bait, which is proven to attract carp.

Super Cloud Zig Mix is made up of different sized active food particles. It has been developed by carp anglers for carp anglers. Once mixed it forms the perfect cloud of attraction. Bait-Tech have utilised the finest food grade particles which are proven to attract and hold carp in the upper layers where they can be targeted when zig fishing. The active cloud of attraction holds carp in the zone for longer periods than a traditional wet groundbait mix. It cannot be overwetted and is best fed regularly via a spomb to build the swim, it will draw carp from far and wide as they investigate he Super Cloud of pure attraction.

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