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Bait-Tech Special 'G' Green 1kg

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Key features
  • Easy to mix
  • Pungent fishmeal attractor
  • Makes a great paste
  • 1kg

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Bait-Tech Special 'G' Green is super soluble fishmeal, pungent and powerful groundbait.

Bait-Tech Special 'G' Green Groundbait. This groundbait was developed for fishmeal believers.  Still the most popular fishmeal based groundbait available and the reason is simple: GPS90 - and these two have it in abundance. This highest grade super soluble fishmeal is the most pungent and powerful fishmeal attractor bar none! The super soluble properties of GPS90 means the area of water surrounding your rig, or feeder are saturated with attraction. Now the most popular green fishmeal groundbait used and you know why? It works!

All Bait-Tech products are manufactured and sourced using only the highest quality ingredients and additives. Hundreds of hours are spent refining products, from bench testing the mixtures, to tank testing feeding responses right through to on-the-bank fishing in the very extremes of the sport.

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