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Bait-Tech Hot Chilli Growlers Tiger Nuts 400g

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Key features
  • No preservatives
  • Cooked in the can
  • Leak a milky tiger nut flavoured attractant
  • 400g

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Bait-Tech Hot Chilli Growlers Tiger Nuts ready to use from the can, full of tiger goodness.

Hot Chilli Growlers are preservative free tiger nuts ready to use straight from the can – but with the Bait-Tech edge. Our Hot Chilli Growlers contain Chilli Flakes and Tobasco Sauce (TM) to give them that special kick. Our unique cooking process means every nut is cooked to the core and ready for use as soon as the can is opened. It enhances and unlocks the natural sugars. Packed with tiger goodness, we have unlocked the natural sugars and started the fermentation process within the centre of the nut….the Perrrfect Tiger!

All Bait-Tech products are manufactured and sourced using only the highest quality ingredients and additives. Hundreds of hours are spent refining products, from bench testing the mixtures, to tank testing feeding responses right through to on-the-bank fishing in the very extremes of the sport.

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