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Bait-Tech Big Carp Poloni Method Mix 2kg

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Key features
  • High in attraction
  • Unique blend of our secret 8 herbs and spices
  • Easy to mix
  • Medium fast breakdown

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Bait-Tech Big Carp Poloni Method Mix with a unique blend of secret herbs and spices. Carp love poloni!

This easy-to-prepare Method Mix is perfect for any situation and is full of pungent fish catching spices. Designed around our Poloni Boilie, this mix contains our secret blend of 8 Herbs and Spices. These pungent natural aromas draw fish into your swim  and keep them coming back for more. A complex and complete nutritionally balanced food source that is natural, original and unique and benefits from a distinct aroma, flavour and taste. Essential amino acid profile with feed triggers and stimulants that will attract, hold and feed big carp.

All Bait-Tech products are manufactured and sourced using only the highest quality ingredients and additives . Hundreds of hours are spent refining products, from bench testing the mixtures, to tank testing feeding responses right through to on-the-bank fishing in the very extremes of the sport.


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