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Asso Ultraflex Clear

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Key features
  • Ultra soft and supple
  • Ultra low stretch
  • Super smooth
  • Maximum strength

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Asso Ultraflex fishing line in a range of breaking strains.

Asso Ultraflex has been specially engineered to offer a top quality rig body and shock leader material. Ultraflex is very soft and supple yet maintains strength and abrasion resistance. With breaking strains from 20lb up to 80lb Ultraflex is ideal for any kind of rig body from light lines for continental rigs up to heavy rigs for fishing big leads over rough ground. Ultra flex offers excellent knotting, making it the perfect choice for shock leaders.

Asso is a brand of fishing line from Italian Line Giant Gruppo, who have been producing some of the world’s best quality fishing lines since the 1970’s. With a complete range of products from monofilaments and co-polymers to 100% Fluorocarbons and Fluorocarbon coated lines, Asso have a line for every angler and for every situation.



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