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Anyfish Anywhere Match Pro 13' 7"

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Key features
  • Two piece lightweight yet powerful carbon blank
  • Fuji BMNAG Alconite guides
  • Sliding Anyfish Anywhere screw winch reel fitting
  • Casts 5 – 7oz
  • Casting up to 275yds

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Anyfish Anywhere Match Pro 13' 7" is a rod made specifically for match and beach anglers, for the best of the best professional anglers.

Its the ultimate expression of ‘designed for purpose’ in modern competitive sea angling and is the first in a new series of ground breaking sea angling rods. We have called it the Match Pro because it is what we consider to be the worlds first truly professional standard beach fishing rod. Made with the very best materials, feature high end Fuji fittings and are hand built to an exceptional standard.

Anyfish Anywhere spent 18 months in testing and development of the match Pro and the result of these efforts is a rod which is slim, light and powerful whilst still being supremely user friendly. The butt and mid sections provide the power needed to send bait and sinker a very long way whilst the tip recovers smoothly to give long trouble free casts.

As a fishing rod the Match PRO has the bite indication you would expect but the tip resists folding in the tide allowing you to still spot the indications even when the tide is running at full tilt. If you hook a decent fish the rod has the power to control it whilst giving you plenty of feedback to allow you to fully enjoy the fight.

Anyfish Anywhere passionately believe in sea angling in all its many forms, in the UK and around the world. We're fully committed to producing the best possible range of rods that reflect the diversity and dedication our fellow sea anglers bring to the sport. We're sea anglers first and foremost, and understand not only the angling challenges but also the everyday angling reality of all sea anglers from specimen hunters and club anglers right up to and including CIPS Individual World Champions!

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